A Seconds Notice

This weekend has been a good one. I received my new Nikon 70-200mm lens on Friday and fell in love. I have been practicing all weekend. It’s more than a lens, weighing six pounds, I can get a workout too. Anyway, on Saturday Allison and I were driving around C-Ville on errands, heading North on Route 29 towards Fairfax, when a deer sprinted in front of the car in front of us. Allison made some quick maneuvering decisions and all was good.  Even better, with a seconds notice I was able to catch the deer in mid-air.

I caught two photos. The first I didn’t realize I got till I got home and looked closer. When looking into the small viewfinder the deer blended into the background. The second photo, well, I was to slow. I know… I know, maybe next time.

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