{Personal} Our travels to San Diego!

San Diego is one of the most beautiful, laid back places on the planet! Being teachers, Allison and I use the summertime to travel. We discussed and decided we’d head to California for our 1st anniversary. We received an invitation from our friend Amanda to visit her in San Diego, which sounded like a great opportunity. We met Amanda at Oak View and have stayed in contact ever sense; she moves often because Josh, her husband is in the military, and happened to be in San Diego for the summer. Amanda was an amazing tour guide, and even dropped us off at the hotel for our anniversary evening. We enjoyed the most delicious meal at Island Prime and were so surprised when Steve Harrington (one of my best friends) found out where we were celebrating, and picked up the check from 3000 miles away! He never fails to amaze me. Thanks Steve!  San Diego is an amazing place and we hope to visit again someday. Enjoy some of our photos!


Sports Photography: Southern Maryland Youth Flag Football

Covey Photography is off and running! Looking into different realms of photography I recently came in contact with Metro Sports Images, an up-and-coming action sports photography business based in Alexandria, VA.  This weekend, they sent me to Waldorf, MD to catch the Southern Maryland Youth Flag Football Playoffs. Let me just say what a thrill it was. It was true football weather, cold and sunny, with NFL-type music blaring through North Point Stadium. It was a real great experience. One I hope to be a part of next year. Anyway, I wanted to share my photos that were taken of my games. I will point you in the direction of the Metro Sports Images website. If you have any action sports photography needs, they are the company to contact. Tell them Jason sent you!

Bears vs. Cardinals

Broncos vs. Ravens

Chiefs vs. Steelers

A Seconds Notice

This weekend has been a good one. I received my new Nikon 70-200mm lens on Friday and fell in love. I have been practicing all weekend. It’s more than a lens, weighing six pounds, I can get a workout too. Anyway, on Saturday Allison and I were driving around C-Ville on errands, heading North on Route 29 towards Fairfax, when a deer sprinted in front of the car in front of us. Allison made some quick maneuvering decisions and all was good.  Even better, with a seconds notice I was able to catch the deer in mid-air.

I caught two photos. The first I didn’t realize I got till I got home and looked closer. When looking into the small viewfinder the deer blended into the background. The second photo, well, I was to slow. I know… I know, maybe next time.