Hutzel Family Session

Today’s session was alot of fun! Tess is full of energy and full of smiles. We wanted to do several things in this session. We wanted to get a nice family photo and some nice light, feel good shots. Tess was in a great mood and so was mom and dad. These photos are some of my favs. Enjoy!

Spring is in the air!

This was a busy weekend. After a rough winter this weekend gave us a taste of spring. Allison and I headed to Great Falls to attempt to capture some photo shots to the falls. For my first photo project I need to capture photo moments that use fast shutter speed and slow shutter speed. I thought the water flowing would be a nice idea. Second, I need to show depth-of-field and third, I need to use the panning technique to show motion. I didn’t expect to capture all these techniques but I thought I would get at least one. I didn’t get anything. It was a little frustrating but it was such a beautiful day to be outside I couldn’t be that upset. Regardless, I am still working on this project. It’s not that these techiniques are difficult. I am just looking to capture something that will mean something to people.