{Event} A Nute Family Celebration!

A summer is not complete without a trip to the Outer Banks. In August, we got to join Allison’s best friend Brynne, and her entire extended family for a few days of fun in Nags Head. The family wanted to capture photos of Aunt Mary and Uncle Jim’s 50th Anniversary celebration, along with family photos that spanned four generations. With only about an hour of perfect evening light on the beach, we had to work quickly, but we managed to get each individual family, and a grand finale shot of the entire crew.


{Portrait} Jennifer’s Maternity

In November, my sister Jennifer Lamb will be having a baby girl. She will be named Violet after our grandmother. This month we went to Holden Beach, NC for a mini vacation and grabbed these photos. Thanks Jen!

Grandma’s hands form a heart over the little girl who will share her namesake.

Jennifer’s belly with a kiss from Grandma.

{Portrait} The Harjivan Family

We met the Harjivans for a family photo shoot at the beautiful Kentland Mansion in Gaithersburg, MD. This small town was a hidden, old-fashioned gem, tucked away in a busy city. Dru, Chan, and their two great kids Kinnari and Akash make a great family that we truly enjoyed getting to know.