Mickey Shoot

Lots going on: Allison and I are getting married on July 31st, bought a new house, and photo sessions. Last week, a friend of mine from school asked me to take photos of her boys and their grandmother. I thought it was a nice moment. Lance wasn’t very happy with me taking pictures so I will be returning next week to finish our shoot. Here are some of the photos I took. Thanks Mick!


Hutzel Family Session

Today’s session was alot of fun! Tess is full of energy and full of smiles. We wanted to do several things in this session. We wanted to get a nice family photo and some nice light, feel good shots. Tess was in a great mood and so was mom and dad. These photos are some of my favs. Enjoy!

New Photos!

Hey everyone! I registered for my course on Professional Photography tonight. This course should be an experience. With all this snow I had a chance to play around with my new lighting kit. I have lots to learn but I wanted to post some photos. These photos are of my #1 model. Some photos are normal portrait shots and others have the Covey Photography touch. Enjoy!