Get it goin’ (Rant)

Let’s get this thing rollin’. It’s tough, really tough. I just have to start somewhere. There is so much to do and so much time to complete it. It sounds like I’ve got it made. In a sense I do, but on the other hand it’s daunting no matter how you look at it. So, I am going to focus my attention on my NYIP course work.

I have made great progress but because of teaching I have not had the time until now to complete the photo project assignments. I took my unit test this morning and scored 27/30 which equates to an A-. Not what I was hoping for but the questions I missed had to do with “parallax error” and something else that I don’t think will mean much to my success. Regardless, I strive for perfection and will be going back to make sure I understand those concepts enough in case they present themselves in my future.

For now, my focus will be on my unit one project. For this project I must snap shots that express a sense of motion or speed. Bring on projects!



I am working my way back into the Covey Photo swing. This is probably the biggest project I have started, ever! Unfortunately, starting something like this is mostly a solo project. Although, I am lucky that I have folks that are extremely supportive.

The latest topic running through my head to my workflow. Bascially your flow are your established routines and procedures for capturing, editing, and processing images. It may sounds small, but it is huge!

Articles of different photography workflows: Develop an Efficient Photography Workflow ; My Photography Workflow 2009