{Portrait} Molly & Wyatt

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to catch up with some old friends, and meet their two amazing kids. Molly, just 2 weeks old, and her big brother Wyatt stole our hearts in just a few short hours. Molly was a trooper, posing for some great black and white shots between two other very important tasks, eating and sleeping! Wyatt loved being in front of the camera. His priceless facial expressions made it easy to capture his fun-loving personality. During down time, he entertained Allison, putting out pretend fires in the kitchen, watching the birds in the backyard, and eating Twizzlers!  


{Portrait} Jacob & Brady

A beautiful spring day at the park, and some pretty awesome climbing trees were a great backdrop for an outdoor shoot with my nephews, Jacob and Brady.  For two kids who are always on the move, and great playmates for one another, I was happy to finally get a few shots of them together!

{Portrait} Maddie

Our day at Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia was a challenging one. We met in the harsh afternoon sun, which as most photographers will tell you is not the best for capturing photos with soft light. But, we had a strict schedule.

Buckroe Beach is a small, quaint area where families gather. There is a nice playground and fields to play in, all overlooking the Chesapeake Bay/Atlantic Ocean. Allison and I showed up early to scout the area and found a few places of shade to capture Princess Maddie.

Meet Maddie. Her favorite color is pink. Maddie had so much fun at Buckroe, playing in the fields and picking dandelions. She even loved the toys/props we brought along. One of her favorite props was the pinwheel. She loved making it spin! Thanks Maddie for making our day with you so special.