Pickin’em up and puttin’em down

Recently, I have been purchasing new equipment (a spending spree). Most recently, I bought a new lens and battery grip. The lens I bought because it offers me a more shallow depth of field so that I can take pictures that have that “blurry background” look. I have been frustrated with my purchase because the photos I was taking were turning out blurry. Well, after purchasing it I discovered that this particular lens does not autofocus with my camera body. I will have to manually focus. I have never done that before. ¬†ūüôā I was on a quest to figure out how to take sharp photos. I learned today that in the bottom right corner when looking into the view finder a green dot will appear when your image is focused. It has always been there but with my autofocus lenses I never thought to pay attention. Now, I am back in the game.

The battery grip I purchased because I take a lot of photos vertically and this allows me a better grip on my camera. When you have a better grip you lower your chance of “handshake.” The bonus is that it holds TWO batteries. I was thinking it would only hold one. The downside is that I have to change shooting modes between “single”or “continuous” to “remote.” I usually go back and forth seamlessly, now I will¬†have to anticipate shooting vertically, Hopefully, I don’t miss any special moments. ¬†It will take getting used to.


New Sekonic Light Meter!

Full manual setting, here I come! With this bad boy, I don’t need the in-camera settings anymore. This is exciting for me because in my attempt build Covey Photography I have taken photos of various friends and their families. While doing so the one thing I found was, was¬†that capturing the perfect exposure was challenging because each setting was different and let’s just say it…I am new to this. Moreover, capturing light perfectly was even a greater challenge. There were times when the pictures that¬†¬†“counted” turned out to have something¬†wrong. I wasn’t able to capture exactly what I wanted. So, I decided to purchase a light meter. Having done research, many¬†books and articles I have read state that having a light meter will save you time and stress and soon become your¬†best friend, especially in portrait/studio photography.
I found a link to a website that gives straight forward, simple directions for using the Sekonic L358 light meter. If, by chance you purchase one for your photography bag, use the above link to get you started.

New Light Kit

Well, I have had time to mess around with my new lighting kit. I must say it is not what I expected. This is going to be a crash course. I was able to learn a few things each day and I am hopeful I will continue to get better. It really is useful for creating a plain background for photo shoots. The lighting part, I will have to improve on as I take more photos. Check out photos on Facebook!