Aruba Ariba!

Allison and I recently returned from Aruba. I must say it is a beautiful place. We did tons of fun things and had many exciting adventures. We wouldn’t do many things differently if given the chance, perhaps an all inclusive deal. In my case, I would have liked to have bought an underwater camera. But, knowing me I would still be in the water taking pictures! If you want to see more check out my Flickr site! Also, I will be creating a video montage of some of the weeks events. Stay tuned!


Manassas Battlefield

I went to the Manassas Battlefields today and walked the Henry Hill loop. I took some photos for my project. You can see them in my gallery or my photostream. I have always wanted to go up there. I discovered there are three different loops. I want to go back and try the other two loops. They are a bit longer with rough terrain. They could be fun to run around!