Photo Analysis #1

As mentioned before I wanted to continue to look and analyze previous photographs. Here is one I shot in the fall time. As you can see there is a lot of color still left at the time this was shot. Who would have thought we would experience the worst winter on record in one month?

The guidelines below are those that NYIP state are essential to producing professional photos:

1. What is the subject/theme–I want this photograph to be about?

For this photo I wanted to capture the reflection of the treeson the opposite side of the lake and sky color in the water. Additionally, I wanted to include the serenity of the weeping willow. When I look at this photo it relaxes me and instills a sense of peace.

2. How can I focus attention on my subject and draw the viewer’s eye to it?

My intent was to capture the reflection of the trees and sky. To draw the attention of the viewer I centered the reflection of the tress. The color of the sky filled in the rest. I knew I wanted to include the weeping willow but I didn’t think including the entire tree was necessary. That also would cut down on the complexity of the photograph.

3. Have I simplified? Have I included only what draws attention to my subject, and have I eliminated everything that is non-essential or distracting?

I do not think this photo is simple but I do feel that it draws attention to the reflection and vivid color of the water. I imagine laying a blanket out, setting up a picnic, and having a nice meal under the protection of a weeping willow. A nice place to be.

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