The Camera

Every major field of study teaches you about the history of their existence and that is what I am studying today. It may be considered boring and tedious but I found parts of the history of cameras interesting. I learned that arguably the first camera built was by a Frenchman named Daguerre. From there it was really a worldly collaboration in that different countries throughout the world added pieces to the camera that make up what we have today. This progression took place within the last 150 years.  This thought leads to another idea. Imagine a world without camera. The truth is that the majority of our history was left to the interpretation of artists and sculptors. It wasn’t until the Civil War that we had the technology to capture moments of history. Pretty awesome to think about. The rest of this lesson spoke of the different types of cameras and how they have changed. They continued to speak about how even though we are in the digital age, photographers still find comfort in film style cameras. Although I found some interesting things in these lessons, I am looking forward to the more hands-on lessons.

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