Pickin’em up and puttin’em down

Recently, I have been purchasing new equipment (a spending spree). Most recently, I bought a new lens and battery grip. The lens I bought because it offers me a more shallow depth of field so that I can take pictures that have that “blurry background” look. I have been frustrated with my purchase because the photos I was taking were turning out blurry. Well, after purchasing it I discovered that this particular lens does not autofocus with my camera body. I will have to manually focus. I have never done that before.  🙂 I was on a quest to figure out how to take sharp photos. I learned today that in the bottom right corner when looking into the view finder a green dot will appear when your image is focused. It has always been there but with my autofocus lenses I never thought to pay attention. Now, I am back in the game.

The battery grip I purchased because I take a lot of photos vertically and this allows me a better grip on my camera. When you have a better grip you lower your chance of “handshake.” The bonus is that it holds TWO batteries. I was thinking it would only hold one. The downside is that I have to change shooting modes between “single”or “continuous” to “remote.” I usually go back and forth seamlessly, now I will have to anticipate shooting vertically, Hopefully, I don’t miss any special moments.  It will take getting used to.

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