The Eye of the Photographer

My first lesson came today. Everything looks great and very nicely put together. This is a distance learning course, which is essentially a college level course done at home. It allows those who are working, to learn a new craft at their own pace. It is made up of audio CDs, DVDs, and individual text manuals. It is a lot of information. My first impression of my first CD was I thought this was going to be a long course, but I quickly got into the feel of it. I have three instructors that basically talk about each lesson. It is as though they are in a classroom and you are listening to a lecture/discussion. They share their ideas, opinions, and expertise while you use the manual to follow along. All discussions are relevant to the information you just read, so it keeps  your attention. I am satisfied so far.

My first lesson was about developing an eye for certain photographs. According to NYIP there are three guidelines to follow for each photography taken. They are in a nutshell:

1. What is the subject/theme–I want this photograph to be about?

2. How can I focus attention on my subject and draw the viewer’s eye to it?

3. Have I simplified? have I included only what draws attention to my subject, and have I eliminated everything that is non-essential or distracting?

As I completed this lesson I felt that I did well recognizing things that attract or distract attention to or from my subject. However, there were some photos that I was completely off, a work in progress I suspect. So, to practice viewing photos with these questions in mind I want to go back and look at photos that I have taken in the past and analyze them. Please feel free to join me in this analysis. Comment on Facebook or directly on my blog. I am positive together we can both improve our photographers eye. Stay tuned!

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